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Omnec Onec THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY NEW PUBLICATION: Omnec Onec - The Venusian Trilogy

The long awaited, authorized re-release of FROM VENUS I CAME and first English editions of ANGELS DON’T CRY and MY MESSAGE.

“You came as Soul into the polar worlds for only one reason: To have the experiences which will lead to becoming a conscious co-worker with the Supreme Deity.“
Omnec Onec

Detailed information about "The Venusian Trilogy"

Smartcover edition with 544 pages and colored picture parts

ISBN 978-3-9523815-2-6

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Omnec Onec: The Venusian Trilogy - All three books from Omnec as a compiled edition

Omnec Onec: The Venusian Trilogy

Omnec's first book "From Venus I Came" is a unique classic in spiritual literature.

It's her autobiography in which she portrays her life on the astral level of Venus. In a very detailed and clear way, Omnec describes the surface, the society, and the life on the astral dimension of planet Venus. Additionally, Omnec speaks about the adventure of how and why she decided to manifest a physical body, and about her journey to Earth in 1955.

This book was first published by the US Col. and UFO investigator Wendelle C. Stevens in 1991 in the USA. It was sold out very quickly. As Omnec was guided to focus her teachings to the German speaking countries since 1993, this first book and the next ones - the continuation of Omnec's autobiography on Earth with the title ANGELS DON'T CRY and the condensed essence of Omnec's spiritual teachings with the new title MY MESSAGE had not been published in English since then.

Smartcover edition with 544 pages and colored picture parts

ISBN 978-3-9523815-2-6

Contents of The Venusian Trilogy including the books
"From Venus I Came", "Angels don't cry" and "My Message"

    FROM VENUS I CAME - Autobiography Part 1

    Unique autobiography of an extraterrestrial. Omnec Onec portrays her life on the astral level of Venus and teaches timeless wisdom.

  • CHAPTER 1 From Venus I came
  • CHAPTER 2 Laws of the Supreme Deity
  • CHAPTER 3 Tythania Canes of Age
  • CHAPTER 4 In the Womb
  • CHAPTER 5 The Venus Plane
  • CHAPTER 6 Teutonia
  • CHAPTER 7 The Creative Life
  • CHAPTER 8 Earthward Bound
  • CHAPTER 9 Brotherhood of Planets
  • CHAPTER 10 Agam Des
  • CHAPTER 11 Sheila
  • CHAPTER 12 My Earth Family
  • CHAPTER 13 Compared to Venus

    ANGELS DON'T CRY - Autobiography Part 2

    In the continuation of her autobiography, the author describes her experiences on Earth and conveys further valuable insights.

  • CHAPTER 1 Sheila
  • CHAPTER 2 My Earth Family
  • CHAPTER 3 Living with a dictator
  • CHAPTER 4 A light at the end of the tunnel
  • CHAPTER 5 Chicago
  • CHAPTER 6 Longing for love and understanding
  • CHAPTER 7 Renewed confidence
  • CHAPTER 8 The Girl from Venus
  • CHAPTER 9 Reencountering my spiritual teachings
  • CHAPTER 10 Children - Our Future
  • CHAPTER 11 My way to the public
  • CHAPTER 12 Fulfilling my mission

    MY MESSAGE - Essence of spiritual teachings

    The truth is always simple. Practical and current, Omnec writes about the essence of creation, soul, and life. This essential third part also contains a new and very precious chapter about the evolution of Souls on planet Earth.

  • CHAPTER 1 Understanding the Physical
  • CHAPTER 2 Learning to deal with the Emotions
  • CHAPTER 3 What effect the Causal has
  • CHAPTER 4 The Mental Process
  • CHAPTER 5 The Function of the Etheric Body
  • CHAPTER 6 The Soul - the real I
  • CHAPTER 7 The Laws of the Supreme Deity
  • CHAPTER 8 About Karma
  • CHAPTER 9 Spirituality and Religions
  • CHAPTER 10 Meditation and Contemplation
  • CHAPTER 11 Soul Travel Technique
  • CHAPTER 12 Mantras and their Benefits
  • CHAPTER 13 Healing and Self healing Procedures
  • CHAPTER 14 Energy - Ways to feel and use it daily
  • CHAPTER 15 Love and Relationships
  • CHAPTER 16 Venusian Understanding of Death
  • CHAPTER 17 Knowing the Life Plan
  • CHAPTER 18 A Spiritual Journey
  • CHAPTER 19 The new Supreme Deity or Sugmad Expansion Ray

Smartcover edition with 544 pages and colored picture parts

ISBN 978-3-9523815-2-6

DVD-Lecture "The Unknown History of the Solar System and the
Spiritual Transformation of the Earth"

DVD Lecture


View excerpts of the DVD-Lecture
in this Video-Trailer
(Minute 2.33, Minute 3.53
and Minute 7.17)

In this lecture, Omnec Onec speaks the story of the inhabitation of our solar system, she talks about the reasons for the spiritual transformation process on Earth that is currently taking place and imparts precious information about how every individual can take a conscious part in this process of raising the vibratory rate of planet Earth.

Background information

In the mid-nineties, Omnec Onec shared the information that's on this DVD with people for the first time:

“I first heard about the transformation and the history of the solar system at a meeting on the astral plane to which I was invited in 1994 and which I attended with the help of a long meditation. There, the connections were made clear. Thousands of human and non-human beings from different galaxies, all intelligent and highly evolved beings, attended this meeting. It was just one of countless occasions when they got together in order to coordinate their efforts to save the earth. Since about 1930, they tried to increase the vibration step by step in order to prevent a further destruction of the planet ...“ (Omnec Onec)

After Omnec told the story of mankind on Earth and the interrelationship with today’s times of changes in lectures, many people wanted to know more - so the “Transformational Workshop” was developed. In the course of weekend seminars, Omnec imparted universal truths over many years. Omnec’s information not only made a lot of sense to many people, but also touched their souls and caused consciousness-expanding experiences. When it became clear in 2004 that Omnec Onec would return for an extended period to the U.S., it was uncertain when, and if, she would come back to hold lectures and workshops in the German-speaking countries, this video was created. One could say, that these two and a half hours encompass the essence of what Omnec Onec has to share with people. This recording does not correspond to today’s quality standards, but we have reworked it to the best technical level possible. The German dubbed version was created in a professional recording studio. We hope that you take the time to enjoy this unique recording with Omnec Onec in a peaceful environment and let it work on you.

Contents of the DVD-Lecture "The Unknown History of the Solar System and the
Spiritual Transformation of the Earth"

    DVD 1
  • 1 The inhabitation of our solar system
  • 2 The Earth emerges and is filled with life forms
  • 3 The battle for the Earth
  • 4 The first populations on Earth
  • 5 A group of visitors wants to gain technological knowledge
  • 6 The genetic manipulation and its consequences until today
  • 7 The current transformation process and the return of lost knowledge
  • 8 Our concept of the Creator
  • 9 The design of creation and the birth of the soul
  • 10 The complexity of human experiences and the meaning of unconditional love
  • 11 As a soul on the journey through the levels of creation
  • 12 The creation of a consciously desired world

    DVD 2
  • 1 My journey from the astral level of Venus to the physical Earth
  • 2 The preparation of my spiritual work
  • 3 Reasons for being here
  • 4 The transformation process of the Earth and each individual
  • 5 'Operation Peace' meditation programme
  • 6 Sharing information
  • 7 The end of manipulation and control
  • 8 Many beings take part in the transformation process
  • 9 The re-introduction of technologies
  • 10 The end of old karma
  • 11 Transformation phenomena in the physical body
  • 12 An exercise to perceive the life energy
  • 13 The future of the planet Earth

Double DVD - Length: ca. 162 min.
Languages: English Original and German Synchronization

Meditation-CD "Journey of Soul"

CD Cover Journey of Soul
Soul Journey

Audio Samples

Guided Meditation through the levels of consciousness

Omnec speaks this guided meditation with various music compositions corresponding to the levels of consciousness. Mantras and visualizations support the experience of the different dimensions from the physical through the astral, the causal, and the etheric dimension to the God planes.

Contents of the Meditation-CD "Soul Journey"

  • 1 Soul Journey intro-passage (3.27 min.)
  • 2 We shall begin ... : basic guidelines (2.42 min.)
  • 3 First dimension: the physical (6.19 min.)
  • 4 Second dimension: the astral (6.23 min)
  • 5 Third dimension: the causal (8.24 min.)
  • 6 Fourth dimension: the mental (7.03 min.)
  • 7 Fifth dimension: the etheric (9.41 min.)
  • 8 Sixth dimension: the Soul plane (9.26 min.)
  • 9 Seventh dimension: Anami Lok - the God planes
    (15.40 min.)
  • 10 Return sequence: Baraka Bashad (1.30 min.)

Audio-CD - Length: ca. 71 min.
Language: English Original

Audio-CD "My Mission on Planet Earth"

CD Cover My Mission
My Mission on Planet Earth

Audio Samples

With celestial sounds & music composed under Venusian guidance & inspiration

Listen to Omnec's fascinating voice, embedded in sound spheres and Venusian inspired music, how she describes in their own words the connection of Venus to the history of the Earth and the purpose and goal of her adventurous transfer from the astral plane to the physical Earth.

Contents of the Audio-CD "My Mission on Planet Earth"

  • 1 Venus - Earth Transfer (5.24 min.)
  • 2 Solar Civilisations (4.16 min.)
  • 3 Earth’s Heritage (3.40 min.)
  • 4 Time Tunnel: Venus Child (5.47 min.)
  • 5 Planetary Brotherhood (8.27 min.)
  • 6 Birth of Individual Soul (5.11 min.)
  • 7 Evolution and Karma (3.00 min.)
  • 8 Freedom of Soul (3.28 min.)
  • 9 Love (6.48 min.)
  • 10 Invitation from Omnec (4.11 min.)

Audio-CD - Total length: ca. 50 min.
Language: English Original

Audio-CD "From Venus with Love"

CD From Venus with Love

From Venus with Love

Audio Samples

Omnec speaks and sings about "Love" with spherical background music

Love in the physical realm is one of the most powerful emotions, that is expressed in unlimited ways. Love can overwhelm the senses, or love can be subtle. Love is different for each of us. Love can be used to create, or love can destroy. Love can be used to manipulate and control, or love can be given freely. Love can make you a prisoner, and love can make you free. Once you have experienced love in all forms, then you get to know unconditional love. Venus Love is unconditional love. (Omnec Onec, Introduction CD "From Venus with Love")

Contents of the Audio-CD "From Venus with Love"

  • 1 Venus Love - an Introduction (7.48 min.)
  • 2 Amual Abaktu - a Venusian song (3.06 min.)
  • 3 Love of Twin Souls (3.16 min.)
  • 4 Changes (5.09 min.)
  • 5 Our Island (5.31 min.)
  • 6 Friendship and Lovers (4.40 min.)
  • 7 Trust (4.09 min.)
  • 8 Making Love (3.45 min.)
  • 9 Freedom and Love (5.06 min.)
  • 10 The Negative and the Positive of
    How to Be (3.18 min.)
  • 11 Love is All (6.47 min.)
  • 12 Dancing and Feeling (3.07 min.)
  • 13 From Venus with Love (6.54 min.)
  • 14 The Angel Light Song (2.54 min.)

Audio-CD - Length: ca. 65 min.
Language: English Original with English/German booklet including all texts